To travel to Thailand, whether a certain type of visas is required or not, it depends on your passports and your length of stay.
The Travel Document from Norway required  visa too. You can check if you need a visa from the link here.   Click here to see if you need a visa to Thailand.

**Norwegian citizens with red passport are eligible to travel to Thailand as tourists for up to 30 days without visas

We recommend you to apply for visa one month before you travel!

Visa runners
Please be aware that Thai Immigration’s recent crack down on visa runners is aimed at visa runners who abuse the visa exemption program for the purpose of working in Thailand. “Visa runners” refers to foreigners who leave Thailand to a neighboring country for a brief stay and then return to Thailand for another 15 or 30-day stay without any type of visa. The visa exemption program is for the purpose of tourism only. At present, Thai Immigration will take measures of warning and advising visa runners to obtain the proper visa. However, beginning August 12, 2014, Thai Immigration will begin prohibiting visa runners from entering Thailand. Those wishing to enter Thailand for purposes other than tourism are advised to secure the proper visa prior to their arrival in Thailand.

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