Thailand to Announce IUU-free Thailand

Bussadee Santipitak, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs orator, declared the Thai government would publicly announce the new Thailand policy freeing it from IUU (Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated) fishing.

To make this possible, Thailand has built upon the transformation of all undertakings during the past three years. Including the improvement of the legal structure and employing regulations. They have also revised the fisheries management by limiting the fishing license-issuing in agreement with the number of marine animals. Furthermore, they have re-looked the fleet management to prevent overfishing of boats of all magnitudes, monitoring, regulating, and observing the incoming and outgoing at the port.

The Thai Government have installed vessel surveillance systems, and daily inspections out at sea, as well as the development of tracking techniques for catches from foreign and Thai-flagged boats. With these procedures in place it ensures the international community becomes familiarised with Thailand’s IUU-free regulations, Thai authorities continue to strive in developing a Thai Catch Certification structure. The system needs to comply with the worldwide standard. Making sure workers on the fishing boats officially permitted and protected under the universal principle.

Additionally, Thailand will unite with the EU (European Union) to help with the development of the system. They will also be joining hands with other flag states to help verify that the resource of marine animals does not link to any unlawful fishing activities. Thai representatives have started holding talks with other countries related to the issues on hand.

For the Thai and global community, this shows that the government is stepping forward in the right direction in making Thailand IUU-free. By doing this, they ensure the fishing sector remains stable and help improve the fishery regardless of the change in the organization.

Source: National News Bureau of Thailand

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